Pineapple Skull? Instagram Request

Well hello there,

So what do pineapples and skulls have to do with each other, you ask? Uhhhmmmm.... nothing sadly, so that was very anti- climactic. You might be wondering what I mean by Instagram request in the title, so Ill make your life easier and just tell you so you dont ever have to look at my awful instagram page... j.k. follow me on instagram:@amber.jade.rose, I post cool things I guess.

Lately I have been feeling like I haven't been artsy enough. I haven't really been drawing or challenging myself etc. so I decided I am going to create something cool every week. I posted a picture on instagram of a Sphynx head I drew on the front of a home made birthday card and asked my friends/ followers to send in suggestions of what theyd like to see me create and I received a lot of requests, first one being from my cousin who suggested I draw a pineapple because hes obsessed with them. But, since Im far from normal I decided to put a spin on it. Pineapple meet skull, skull meet pineapple. It took a little while for me to think of what I wanted to do, so like anyone lacking inspiration, what did I do? I went on Pinterest of course and I saw this image and decided I wanted to create my own pineapple skull fruit head.

So I started off by finding a picture of a skull I could use as a reference, did a quick line drawing of the skull and added small details and shadowing and then bam skull is started. Then of course you have to get the perfect pineapple hat so I spent a good chunk of time creating the pineapple hat based off probably 5 different pineapples, this is what I ended up with.

Once I had that I decided to fit them together and get an idea of where this was going. Initially I wanted the whole skull to be pineapple but when I rendered it, I wasn't crazy about the outcome so I decided to do pineapple only part way..

Who knows, I might change my mind and revert back to my original idea but for now here is what I have accomplished!

I will definitely be posting more updates for this particular drawing, so come back soon!

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