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Hi!, I’m Amber Rose! and before you say it, I can assure you that I am not the Amber Rose who married Wiz Kalifa. I am way cooler ;) I am however, a Graphic Design Graduate, who attended Durham College, which is a pretty awesome school, might I add. OH! and I have a  slight obsession for design and anything aesthetically pleasing. 


I want to tell you a little about myself and why I decided to become a designer & illustrator… Brace yourself this might be a little long but worth the read. So I guess I’ll start from the beginning, lets go back to kindergarten. Think of a colourful wavy image in your head that will make it seem like we are going back in time. While other students were eating paste and taking advantage of nap time, I was creating art. JUST KIDDING I was also napping at nap time because I love sleep… But I was still creating art while the other students were eating paste.


From a young age I was always a little advanced when it came to drawing, painting, arts and crafts, really anything creative that involved making things with my hands. I won handfuls of silly Dairy Queen colouring contests, I got a sick bike safety set with scorpions on the helmet and knee pads, it was pretty legit, and I even won a a contest from The Peterborough Art Gallery for drawing a pretty little Cardinal in a bird drawing contest. So in my mind as a child, I was a bit of a big deal.

My skills progressed and I took a real interest into art. I filled the front of my fridge with little drawings throughout elementary school, barely leaving room for my sisters “drawings". Just kidding I love my sister and her drawings weren’t bad. Became a peer tutor for a grade 9 art class in my last year of high school along with highest mark in Com-Tech that year, Holla! Made a mural for the school and created an entire yearbook while learning the program to create it all at once in the same semester. It was a tough year full of hard work but it really paid off. I won some awards but I won’t get into that, if you’re really curious what awards I guess you’ll just have to take a look at my resume ;)

Onto college now… The best years of my life! Not only did I meet some of the greatest and most talented people but I learned a lot about design and thankfully learned this was the right program for me. I really got the hang of things, started taking risks and challenging myself. I slowly started to realize this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Oh my god it was such a relief! Having the ability to do something I love everyday and express who I am through my work is seriously the best feeling.


I love design, I take jokes very well, I am very happy go lucky, I am the right amount of crazy but I also know when to be serious.


Thank you for taking the time to read MY obnoxiously long and weird bio. I appreciate it!



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